Dr. Jen Green, ND, FABNO
Naturopathic Doctor
  • 2015"Treating Fear & Anxiety in Cancer Survivors", Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors Conference
  • 2015 "Upgrading Placebo", American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Conference
  • 2015 “Cancer immunotherapy with Herbs”, Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians Conference
  • 2014 “Treating the Terrain in Breast Cancer Survivors”, Michigan Nurse Navigator’s Conference and Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors Conference
  • 2014 “Homeopathy & Cancer”, Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians Annual Conference
  • 2014 “Treating the Oncogenic Terrain”,  American Association of Naturopathic Physician’s Oncology Pre-Conference
  • 2014 “Breast Cancer Survivorship”, Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctor’s Annual Conference
  • 2013 “Homeopathy & Cancer” & “Treating the Oncology Terrain” California Association of Naturopathic Doctor’s Emerging Medicine Conference
  • 2012 “Naturopathic Support for Colorectal Cancer” Beaumont Hospitals Colon Cancer Symposium
  • 2011 “Homeopathy and Cancer” Integrative Medicine Conference, CTCA Tulsa, OK
  • 2010 “Naturopathic Nutrition” University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Program, Ann Arbor MI (also in 2008, 2007, 2005)
  • 2009 “Naturopathic Oncology” Beaumont Oncology Nursing Conference, “Integrative Pediatrics” Beaumont Hospital Grand Rounds
  • 2008 “Is Your Lipstick Giving you Breast Cancer” Beaumont Sharing and Caring Royal Park Hotel Rochester
  • 2007  “Naturopathic Support for Pancreatic Cancer” Pancreatic Cancer Symposium, “Naturopathic support for Breast Cancer” Beaumont Sharing & Caring
  • 2005 Keynote speaker on “Probiotics in Pediatric Health Conditions” University of Guelph Probiotics Symposium, Guelph Canada
  • 2005 “Probiotics in Pediatric Health Conditions” The Hospital for Sick Kids CAM Symposium, Toronto Canada
  • 2003 Keynote speaker on “Complementary Medicine for Chemotherapy and Radiation” Toronto Oncology Nurses Conference, Toronto Canada
  • 2003 Guest lecturer for Women’s Health Course & Healthy Breast Course, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine